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The Parish Plan

Village shop and tea roomOur Parish Plan puts us in a much better position to influence local and national government as our future is determined (particularly in areas like supplementary planning guidance). It puts us in a much better position to attract funders to our projects. It gives us a chance to influence our own destiny. In future it may become an integral part of community governance.

Parish Plans are a comprehensive, community-based approach to planning which gives ALL the members of a community the opportunity to both define the issues and have their say on those issues that concern them.

Our preparation for the Parish Plan gave everyone a chance to say what they thought about the social, economic and environmental issues affecting our community and how they’d like to see it improved in the future through a questionnaire .

Our Parish Plan has:

  • A detailed report that explains how the consultation has been carried out, the issues identified and the conclusions drawn.
  • A succinct Action Plan that clearly sets out what needs doing, why, when and by whom.

Broadhembury BridgeSo the community decided which issues it would like to tackle and agreed the priorities for action.

How it is being used
The Parish Council is responsible for ensuring that:-

  • the Action Plan is implemented;
  • it is updated as issues are resolved;
  • new actions are included when they are identified and
  • progress is reviewed at least annually.

Download a copy of the Broadhembury Parish Plan here - 434KB