A-Z of Recycling and Disposals

The Recycling and Waste Team at East Devon District Council have sent us this A-Z of Recycling and Disposals to help residents sort their rubbish.


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Broadhembury Memorial Hall

Broadhembury Memorial Hall

The trustees of the hall and the many parishioners who enjoy our wonderful facility are indebted to Sue Middleton for her tireless voluntary efforts in supporting the management of the hall.  Sue has carried out much of the administration, including acting as treasurer, caretaker and bookings clerk, and assisted with obtaining lottery funding and organising fund-raising events over many years.  

Sue recently announced her intention to step down as a trustee and in turn therefore relinquish her voluntary responsibilities.  We are so grateful for all the support Sue has given us and believe this ‘retirement’ is richly deserved.  

Wanted:  Bookings Clerk / Caretaker

With the new hall now well established and in ever increasing demand, the trustees feel it is no longer reasonable to expect the operation of the hall to be entirely conducted on a voluntary basis.  Whilst the trustees will continue to give their time in managing the hall for free, we believe that the time has come to consider some paid assistance with some of the day to day requirements of running the hall.  We have therefore decided to explore the recruitment of a Bookings Clerk, with the possible combining of this with a Caretaking position.

This role / these roles would ideally suit somebody very local (in the village or parish) – perhaps a couple who could share the responsibilities.  

We are drafting a job description that will be available to any interested applicants but in short the role is to; take enquiries and bookings, maintain bookings calendar, collect deposits and payments, explain rules and regulations to hirers, manage keys and access, maintain the hall in good order for use and liaise with trustees.  

Interested?  We would be delighted to hear from you – just drop the trustees a line at either jim.gillham@hotmail.co.uk or drop a letter into the Post Office addressed to the BMH Trustees.  If you would like to discuss the role first, please feel free to telephone Jim Gillham on 01404 841034.

Closing date 15th December 2017.   

Broadhembury Community Centre CIO

Charity No 1156178

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Broadhembury War Memorial

Broadhembury War Memorial was recently assessed by Historic England’s First World War Commemoration Project.

After examining all the records and other relevant information, and having carefully considered the architectural and historic interest of this case, the criteria for listing are fulfilled. Broadhembury Parish War Memorial Cross is therefore recommended for listing at Grade II.

The report is available for download here:


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Stonehenge Tunnel News

Not strictly Broadhembury News, but potentially of interest:

The route for the £1.6 billion Stonehenge Tunnel, a key part of the ‘South West expressway’, has today been published by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling. Linking the M3 in the South East and the M5 in the South West, the ‘expressway’ will upgrade this key route and improve journey times for millions of people. This major investment will support economic growth and tourism in an area where congestion and slow journeys have long had a negative impact on the region’s economy.

The tunnel at Stonehenge will remove the traffic blight on local communities and enhance the famous landmark. It will reconnect the two halves of the 6,500 acre World Heritage Site which is currently split by the road, and remove the sight and sound of traffic from the stones.

Click here for the press release we have received.

Click here for the Highways England case document we have also received.

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BMX Track at Kerswell

Great Moor at Kerswell is a parcel of registered Common Land ref: CL-100-5) divided into two segments by a road. The SE side of the road has been converted to a BMX track. This statement sets out the position of Broadhembury Parish Council re. this parcel of Common Land.

The PC understands that the BMX track is unauthorised. Although the section of Common land in question is registered, it has no known owner. However the PC believes that one parishioner has ‘rights of Common’ over this land (an ancient entitlement to graze).

The PC has no responsibility for accident or injury on this land. We have urged the organisers to secure public liability insurance.

The PC has discretionary power to act and may require the land to be vacated and returned to its original state at any time.

This statement is publicised in the interests of clarity and public accountability.

A wider policy statement regarding the position of all common land in the Parish will follow shortly.

Clerk Broadhembury PC
11th August 2017

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