Welcome to the Parish Of Broadhembury

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Our Broadhembury Parish website is the primary source of information about the villages and hamlets of our parish and its surrounding area. The site is administered by the Parish Council but is intended for use by the whole community and visitors.

In England and Wales there are two kinds of ‘parish’. One is an ecclesiastical Parish administered by the Parochial Church Council. It is part of a Diocese. The other is a local government area administered by the Parish Council. It is part of a District. Confusingly the boundaries of the two rarely co-incide. This is the web site of Broadhembury Parish Council.

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On this website you will find information about the Parish Council, and related information. You will also find links to community groups and services and to leisure activities and facilities including places to stay. We are always keen to improve the information on this site so please contact us if you have ideas or questions or wish to add a link.

Broadhembury Parish Council
December 2015